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Status: 31st March 2019

SKY Implant - Scientific Publication Immediate Restoration

Does immediate restoration work? What says the scientific literature?

  • A current literature overview shows that almost 1.500 publications for immediate restoration of dental implans are available
  • We did not find any with negative results
  • Necessary is a sufficient primary stability for success full treatment

Primary Stability

A study from the university of Belgrad shows, that with blueSKY there is sufficient primary stability for immediate restoration. No stability gap after 2 to 5 weeks could be detected, due to the fast osseointegration. With bone condensing the primary stability in soft bone could be increased.

Immediate restoration is possible for single tooth and full arch!

Source: Marković et al: Evaluation of primary stability of self-tapping and non-self-tapping dental implants. A 12-week clinical study, Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research 2013

Histologic and histomorphometric behavior of microgrooved zirconia dental implants with immediate loading.
Delgado-Ruiz RA1. Calvo-Guirado JL. Abboud M. Ramirez-Fernandez MP. Maté-Sánchez de Val. JE. Negri B. Rothamel D.

Control group: blueSKY

Test groups: whiteSKY with different surfaces

  • Test A: Only sandblasted
  • Test B: Laser treated

Healing time: 3 months


  • Independent of material and surface treatment all immediate loaded implants showed significant 50% higher Bone Implant Contact (BIC)
  • Immediate restoration leads to a better Osseointegration than the classical protocol

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