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Patients demand aesthetics
Patients demands for aesthetics are increasing together with the growing acceptance and use of implantology in large sections of the population as the best solution for replacing extracted teeth. Attitudes towards dentists are slowly changing in patients’ minds. The idea of a place where painful teeth are repaired is fading and its place being taken by the idea of the dentist as a health manager who also has a significant influence on the appearance and well-being of the teeth.

whiteSKY zirconia implants offer reliable aesthetic results
In this context, the whiteSKY zirconia implants offer new opportunities for offering demanding patients high quality and, above all, aesthetic dental restorations. Their appearance will not be affected by dark shades, even in cases of extremely thin gingiva.

Special features
For highly aesthetic restoration of the front teeth or for immediate restoration-scientifically proven and established in practise. Since zirconia does not have any metallic properties, whiteSKY is also the perfect solution for patients with sensitivity to metals.


whiteSKY Surface

The scientific literature on dentistry shows that rough surfaces are necessary for osseointegration to facilitate the attachment of osteoblasts. 

Based on this scientific knowledge, the whiteSKY surface is sandblasted to achieve a defined level of roughness.

The implant


Zirconia implant for
supreme aesthetics


Zirconia dioxide

whiteSKY Implant prespective

Implant position



3.5 mm | 4.0 mm | 4.5 mm

Osseointegration of zirconia and titanium surfaces

A study at the University of Dresden 2 showed very good results with regard to the osseointegration of whiteSKY zirconia implants. The regenerated bone can clearly be seen (left picture) , as can the direct attachment of osteoblasts (right picture) to the surface.

2 Stadlinger B. et al.: Comparison of zirconia and titanium implants after a short healing period. A pilot study in minipigs; International Journal of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery 2010; 39; 585 – 592


Clinical Indications

whiteSKY Indication One Piece Implant

Because the whiteSKY zirconia implant is a one-piece implant, particular attention must be paid to the healing phase.

Therefore, we recommend using the implant in situations where it is protected by the adjacent teeth during the healing phase. The implant should not be subjected to functional loading during the healing phase.

As a general rule, two-stage augmentative measures should be used with the whiteSKY implants.

In large gaps, each missing tooth should be replaced with a whiteSKY zirconia implant to prevent excessive loading of the implant.

whiteSKY Indication Two Stages Augmentative
whiteSKY Implant Indication Small Bridges

In free-end situations, in addition to small bridges, there is also the option of creating a block using our reduced-diameter miniSKY implants and the natural tooth in order to protect the whiteSKY implant against unwanted heavy loads. In such cases, it is not necessary to make a bridge.

There have been several reports from users who have successfully treated patients with edentulous jaws by immediately blocking the implants. It is important, however, that the blocking remains tension-free.

Benefits of whiteSKY

Optimise process

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