The whiteSKY implant system has been clinically and scientifically proven since its introduction in 2006. Scientifically sound and long-term published results spanning more than 10 years speak for its success. These findings prove that whiteSKY zirconia implants can achieve results which are comparable to those achieved with titanium implants. The second-generation whiteSKY T.L. (Tissue Line) now incorporates all the benefits of the “classic” whiteSKY in a modern and enhanced design: „Scientific success – in a new form“.

whiteSKY Surface

The scientific literature on dentistry shows that rough surfaces are necessary for osseointegration to facilitate the attachment of osteoblasts. 

Based on this scientific knowledge, the whiteSKY surface is sandblasted to achieve a defined level of roughness.

One level higher

The further development of the whiteSKY zirconia implant into a whiteSKY tissue line!

1. Two angled surfaces, each 15°

less individualisation required for the restoration of angled implants

2. Customisable

if required

3. Groove

fixation of prosthetics - "Cement lock“

4. Concave-shaped collar/shaped shoulder

space for cosmetic forming of soft tissue

5. Optimised self-tapping thread

reduced force required for screwing in

6. Optimised surface structure

for soft tissue attachment

7. Rough surface

for reliable osseointegration

Osseointegration of zirconia and titanium surfaces

A study at the University of Dresden 2 showed very good results with regard to the osseointegration of whiteSKY zirconia implants. The regenerated bone can clearly be seen (left picture) , as can the direct attachment of osteoblasts (right picture) to the surface.

2 Stadlinger B. et al.: Comparison of zirconia and titanium implants after a short healing period. A pilot study in minipigs; International Journal of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery 2010; 39; 585 – 592


The benefits from whiteSKY

2nd Generation


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