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THE NARROW bone level sky

narrowSKY is the implant for single tooth restorations in narrow gaps or bridge restorations in severely atrophied jaws if augmentation procedures are to be avoided. The surface features the same design as the one of blueSKY, therefore it is also inserted isocrestally. The red golden facilitates identification in the mouth and all abutments of the SKY implant system with the same color are indicated for restorations with narrowSKY implants.

Special features
With the narrowSKY implants, the accompanying SKY® aesthetic S abutments and SKY® elegance S abutments, narrow gaps can be treated with excellent aesthetic results.

Surface design

The osseo connect surface (ocs)® 

The structure of the connective tissue consists of horizontal fibres, which attach themselves to the natural tooth and thereby prevent the build-up of plaque.
The horizontal micro-grooves on the SKY implants also support attachment of the soft tissue so that a type of soft tissue cuff is created to protect the implant.

Machined surface

sky implant machined surface

Horizontal micro-grooves support attachment of the connective tissue.

Etched surface

sky implant etched surface

Etched transition structure provides the bones and soft tissue possibilities for adaptation.

Blasted & etched surface

sky implant blasted adn etched surface

Blasted etched surface for the attachment of osteoblasts for rapid osseointegration.

narrow and regular platform implant

The implant


For narrow single-tooth gaps
and atrophied jaws


TitanGrade 4, KV

narrowSKY implant

Implant position



3.5 mm

SKY prosthetics image


SKY prosthetics


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