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Successful bacterial and biofilm management in the oral cavity is the key to long-term tooth and implant retention and overall health. Numerous studies support the effectiveness and safety of HELBO antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (aPDT). Its effect is biologically supported by low-level laser therapy (LLLT) with the HELBO laser.

Restrains inflammation

Stimulates wound healing

Alleviates pain


HELBO therapy
Efficient, gentle & effective

HELBO supports the preservation of natural teeth or implants and general oral health. The therapy destroys significantly pathogenic bacteria in oral dysbiosis and thus helps restore physiological balance. Using low-energy laser light also stimulates the body’s regeneration processes. This leads to the resolution of inflammation, improved wound healing and pain reduction.

Mucositis? Peri-implantitis?
Your panacea is HELBO!

Secures immediacy
workflows in implantology

Source: Jörg Neugebauer et al. Poster 353, 20th Annual Scientific Meeting EAO, Ocotber 2011

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