cordless prosthodontic screwdriver

Cordless Prosthodontic Screwdriver by bredent

CPS Characteristics

Perfect handling

• cordless
• ergonomic design

Best hygiene

• Non-slip handpiece and removable switch
• autoclavable
• thermo-disinfectable

Cordless Prosthodontic Screwdriver Dental Device by bredent

Highest precision

• Precision of torque values +/- 5%
• Torque range: 8 Ncm – 40 Ncm


With screwdrivers for the most important implant systems

Benefits of CPS

  • With CPS you save app. 50 % of the time loosening and fix implant screws.
  • With CPS there will be no screw loosenings due to wrong torque.
  • With CPS you have perfect access to all sites because it is cordless.

CPS with Full Range Driver-Kit

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