bredent PenguinII

Measuring ISQ for implant stability

Enough stability for immediate restoration???

The question of whether the fitted implant is suitable for immediate restoration often represents a challenge for the treating dentist. The torque in Ncm is used as standard when inserting the implant. The bredent Penguin II is the ideal solution as a supplement to the ratchet.

The bredent Penguin II is a device used to measure the stability of implants using the resonance frequency analysis (RFA). A 
small, magnetic measuring pin, the MulTipegTM, is screwed into the implant or the abutment for this purpose and begins to vibrate without touching it. The value measured is shown as the “Implant Stability Quotient” (ISQ) and provides information regarding the appropriate treatment of the implant.

The  measurement method

bredent Penguin RFA procedure

With the so-called “Driver”, the MulTipegTM is screwed into the implant or the abutment.

bredent Penguin RFA procedure

The MulTipegTM begins vibrating as a result of short magnetic impulses from the tip of the bredent Penguin II. The magnetic impulses interact with the magnets in the inside of the measuring pin.

A receiver in the bredent Penguin II records the magnetic alternating field of the vibrating magnets and uses this to calculate the resonance frequency and the resulting ISQ value. This value is shown on the bilateral displays after a few seconds.

The  ISQ – Scala

bredent Penguin RFA - Implant Stability Quotient (ISQ) Measurement

The ISQ value of 1–99 is a measurement of the stability of the implant. The higher the value, the more stable the implant. If the value is 70 ISQ or above, immediate restoration is possible. In the event of values between 55 and 70, we recommend interlocked immediate restoration. If the value is below 55 ISQ, the implant must undergo submerged healing. The bredent Penguin II measures the ISQ value to an accuracy of +/- 1 ISQ unit.


The MulTipegTM is available in four different sizes and makes it possible to measure primary stability in virtually all SKY® implant system implants.

MulTipegTM copaSKY®

MulTipegTM SKY®

MulTipegTM mini2SKY®

MulTipegTM fast & fixed


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