prothesis fixation

SKYonics Prosthesis retention.sil
mini2SKY retention.sil 200

Unique in the world of dentistry.
Immediate prosthesis fixation with retention.sil prosthetics silicone during the healing phase!

The resilience of retention.sil follows the resilience of the soft tissue and protects the implants and abutments from overload and gives the patient a natural chewing feeling.

Example with mini2SKY TiSi.snap & retention.sil

The economical alternative

• The hold of the prosthesis is guaranteed with retention.sil prosthesis silicone
• Friction can be selected individually in 3 hardness grades
• Resilient restoration with a high level of wearing comfort
• Low costs for patients
• Existing prosthesis can be reused
• The TiSi.snap abutments are compatible with the Locator® matrices

mini2SKY TiSi Retention.sil

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