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narrow gaps and prosthesis fixation

Prothesis fixation
With miniSKY, bredent medical offers an implant that is reduced in diameter and perfectly suited to prosthesis fixation due to its technical properties.

Restoration of narrow single tooth gaps
mini2SKY is perfectly suited to restoration of narrow single tooth gaps. In the case of low bone availability and despite residual dentition, patients can be treated with a highly-aesthetic solution for the edentulous space.

Special features mini2SKY
Reduced-diameter implant with external conical bond for increased stability in conjuction with mini2SKY retention.loc, mini2SKY TiSi.snap, bar solutions and individual abutments.

Surface design

The osseo connect surface (ocs)® 

The mini2SKY implants have the tried-and-tested osseo-connect surface (ocs)® of the blueSKY implants, which ensures optimal osseointegration.

The uniform coarse surface provides ideal prerequisites for the accumulation of the osteoblasts. 

Machined surface

sky implant machined surface

Horizontal micro-grooves support attachment of the connective tissue.

Blasted & etched surface

sky implant blasted adn etched surface

Blasted etched surface for the attachment of osteoblasts for rapid osseointegration.

The implant


Prosthesis fixation and
narrow single-tooth gaps


TitanGrade 4, KV

mini2SKY Implant

Implant position



2.8 mm | 3.2 mm

Three-stage functional design for the highest level of stability

mini2SKY 2.8 logo
mini2sky Functional Design Levels
mini2SKY 3.2 logo
mini2sky Functional Design Levels

Competitors vs mini2SKY implant abutment connection

competing VS mini2sky Implant Abutment Connection

• High implant abutment connection
• Minimal movement due to 5° cone
• Exceptional stability

Definitive positioning of the abutment

bredent-medical miniSKY definitive position

Prerequisites for successful treatment with mini2SKY

Prerequisites for successful treatment with mini2SKY 2.8

Prosthetic options for prosthesis fixation with...

mini2SKY TiSi Retention.sil

mini2SKY TiSi.snap with retention.sil

The economical alternative

• The hold of the prosthesis is guaranteed with retention.sil prosthesis silicone
• Friction can be selected individually in 3 hardness grades
• Resilient restoration with a high level of wearing comfort
• Low costs for patients
• Existing prosthesis can be reused
• The TiSi.snap abutments are compatible with the Locator® matrices

CAD/CAM manufactured bars

(directly screwed)

• mini2SKY with high-quality bar solution
• Direct screwing with implants and original
mini2SKY screws

CAD library
The data necessary for CAD/CAM manufactured planning and manufacture can be found on

CAD/CAM manufactured bars prosthesis

mini2SKY retention.loc

• The solution for fixation of dentures from bredent medical
• Also available as original Locator® variants by Zest
(see order form)
• Available in 2 and 4 mm heights
• Rotation protection prevents loosening of the screw
• Fixation with mini2SKY retention screw ensures optimal application of force via the precision torx in the implant
• Original Locator® retention protection 20° can be used

mini2SKY retention.loc


Easy to use and short treatment time
by avoiding the need for augmentations

Clinically proven and scientifically  substantiated
over 10 years

Quick fixation and immediate restoration
thanks to a standardised surgical protocol

Open up new patient groups
Cost-effective solution for existing prosthesis

Everything from a single source
thanks to the bredent group’s perfectly matched implant prosthetic solutions


Satisfied patients
more self-confidence and quality of life thanks to the minimally invasive procedure


bredent-medical miniSKY Prosthetics


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